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Range rover sport total black 2017

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The 2017 Range Rover saw the world at the Paris Motor Show this fall. Now he is ready to conquer the car markets. The classic iconic design has remained almost unchanged, apart from some innovations. Most of the changes affected the engines of the line and electronic safety systems. Creating a new generation of Range Rover, the British have preserved the authenticity of the legendary SUV. Therefore, the design as a whole remained the same with the exception of some improved details. The three horizontal lines of the body-already a brand name-are the same and will help you recognize the brand of the car at a glance.

The bumpers and door handles, some body elements and the interior were restyled. The smooth roof lines of the restyled model look more stylish and airy thanks to the unusual racks. They are covered with a matte piano varnish, which favorably emphasizes them and distinguishes them from the black protective plastic. The glass of the luggage door covers the racks, which made it possible to make the rear view more voluminous. The interior of the Range Rover 2017 has been improved as much as possible both in terms of the upholstery and materials of the seats, and in its content. It's hard not to notice the 10.2-inch display of the multimedia system. It is located on the central control console and is located almost the entire width of it. The system itself, by the way, is InControl Touch Pro, a powerful "bonus" of which is the ability to display two image plans: for the driver and his passengers. Like all modern systems, it also" knows " how to synchronize with the owner's personal smartphone, and is controlled by it.

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